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Magento Site Audit

Are you getting the most out of your Magento store?

If the answer wasn’t a resounding yes, your store could benefit from a Magento Site Audit. It’s the process of examining every factor of your Magento store and identifying all that is wrong or could be made better. From code review to guaranteeing the best rank on SERPs, our tool suggests & implements the changes to take your business to new heights.

Magento Site Audit Includes

Magento 2 Code Audit

Our tool will audit the codes of your Magento store, its theme and all the plugins involved to highlight unwanted files and inefficient code. It also gives suggestions, which when implemented, could directly affect & improve your store’s overall performance. Besides the glaring issues, it helps detect minor inconsistencies to enhance the quality of code.

Magento UI/UX Audit

Our tool will analyse how your customers interact with your Magento store’s interface. This includes checking the ease of site navigation, the usability of buttons and how the various UI elements work with each other. This helps bring the necessary changes to the design & layout.

Magento SEO Audit

Our tool carries an in-depth SEO audit that covers on-page SEO, technical SEO and link verification. It checks whether you are using the apt keywords with the correct density, along with duplicate content & broken links to recommend changes that are bound to boost your current SERP ranking.

Magento Security Audit

Our tool is structured to keep a special eye on the security of Magento stores. It runs a vulnerability check to uncover all the security holes in your store. This check covers crucial elements like Magento version verification, third-party extension safety and PCI compliance. On the server side, it scans file and folder permissions and tells which ones need changes.

Mobile Magento Audit

Our tool audits the usability, interface and performance of your Magento store on mobile & tablets. It checks the UI features, loading speed, popup behaviour, and other metrics while factoring in the screen size & processor of mobile phones. This identifies all the changes that could massively enhance the user experience on mobile devices.

Magento Performance Optimization Audit

Our tool conducts an overall performance optimization audit with the aim to identify and fill in the gaps in your current Magento store. It inspects for unresponsive pages, inefficient hosting, extension performance and other issues that might be overlooked by developers. These suggested changes fine-tune your store to let it perform to the best of its abilities, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Benefits of Magento Site Audit

Bug-free Experience

An audit paves the way for a bug-free experience for customers. This in turn increases the number of repeat customers on your eCommerce store, hence increasing profits directly.

Improved Navigation

A UI/UX audit, part of our site audit, checks how well your interface works when customers interact. With the proper alteration, you can reduce the number of clicks your customer makes to reach their desired product and buy it.

Quicker Website

Considering the amount of competition & the short attention span of customers, your website cannot afford slow-loading pages. After finding the root cause and fixing them, you will have a faster website on your hands.

Ahead of the Competition

Website audit highlights all shortcomings. If not all, you can focus on fixing the glaring problems that can help you stay ahead of your close competitors. The ideal scenario would be patching all issues.

More Secure

All the customer data on a Magento store makes them prone to hacks. Hackers look for websites that show vulnerability to any type of attack in their arsenal. Site audits bring those gaps in your security to light and help you plug them before it gets out of hand.


All these improvements to your Magento store might seem like small steps but they rack up to bring outstanding results. With a bug-free, fast, secure and overall better Magento store at your disposal, you will get better organic traffic and conversions.

Why Choose Our Magento Site Audit


Created with the sole purpose of improving Magento stores, our audit tool checks all the aspects of your Magento store & offers an accurate, unbiased result. This unveils all limitations with pinpoint accuracy so that you can understand them & we can move to eradicate them.


An overview of a Magento website can bring a few issues to light but an in-depth dive uncovers everything. Our tool follows a rigorous approach with a deep dive into your website, leaving no stone unturned.


By gradually squashing every existing shortcoming on your Magento website, you are guaranteed improved results. This result-oriented approach guides our tool to uncover all that could count as a problem to eventually solve them.


Breaking your bank to improve a percentage of your sales is never the way to go. We put together our tool keeping affordability in mind. From entrepreneurs to big-shot enterprises, everyone can get the most out of this tool at a reasonable price.

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