Magento 2 Quick Mini Cart Extension

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Magento 2 Quick Cart Extension provides better shopping experience to your potential customers. It help customers by displaying cart summary in the form of a pop-up so that customers knowingly continue with their shopping.


Quick Mini Cart Extension

Magento 2 Quick Mini Cart Extension is a UI/UX-focused extension that enables the cart icon to appear in the form of a pop-up on every page. This means that whenever one adds a product to the cart, a pop-up appears with complete cart details. This pop-up stays on screen as the customer navigates through the website. The customer can simply click the pop-up icon to view cart details, apply discount coupons & even initiate checkout. The design of Magento 2 Quick Mini Cart Extension is highly-customizable and offers various layouts to the user.

Highlighted Features Magento 2 Quick Cart:

  • Update Minicart Layout & Effects: It provides a user-friendly layout with features like ‘Checkout’ & ‘Go To Cart’, and the sub-total details. It allows you to enable pop-up effects like hovering or slide-in that are triggered by certain actions.
  • Informative: While Magento 2 default mini cart only shows subtotal, with Quick Mini Cart extension users can choose to display shipping & handling details, tax, reward points spent or earned, and grand total.
  • Coupon Code Application: M 2 Quick Mini Cart Extension also allows users to show Coupon Code bars that facilitate quick purchases. This feature can be used by customers to find out their grand total & makes shopping experience pleasant.
  • Customization: Users can design the Mini Cart to match the website theme. Elements like header background & text colour and even subtotal section text & background colour can be customized as per requirement.
  • Fixed Cart While Scrolling: As the customer scrolls through a page, the cart icon stays fixed on the top-right side of the screen to enable easy access. This small yet powerful feature helps improve the shopping experience which is key to businesses these days.
  • Add button: The quantity of an item(s) in Mini Cart can be easily increased with the use of quantity increment button.
  • Auto-open: The pop-up Magento 2 Quick Mini Cart Extension appears automatically every time a product is added to the cart.
  • Compatibility:M 2 Quick Mini Cart is compatible on all magento stores.
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