Magento 2 Order Detail & Order Share Extension

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Magento 2 Order Detail and Order Share extension allows the admin to enable order-sharing for customers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp & email. It also allows the admin to control the information to be displayed on the success page.


Magento 2 Order Manager Extension

M 2 Order Detail & Order Share Extension allows the user to customize the order Success Page. Its Order Detail feature provides the control to manage visibility of order-related information that appears on the Success Page after checkout. Similarly, with its Order Share feature, the user can enable/disable order sharing via social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp & email) on Success Page.

Highlighted Features of M2 Order Share & Order Details Extension:

  • Assess order details displayed on the success page - Post-order placement, the user is redirected to the order success page which also contains order details like billing address, customer details, shipping method, payment method, order status etc. Our extension allows the admin to assess what all details are to be displayed on the success page.
  • Assess the social media platforms available for sharing order details - This extension allows the end-users to share their order details via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp & email with friends. However, the admin can assess & alter the platforms where order details can be shared.
  • Customize Thank You message display- The admin can customize the font, size, colour & text of the Thank You message that appears on the success page. It will be displayed as the heading.
  • Add & customize text above & below the order details - The admin can add & customize the text present above & below the order details. The text content, its colour, font & size can be edited too.
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