How BOFC Can be MUST have application in every admin or developer TOOLBOX

How BOFC Can be MUST have application in every admin or developer TOOLBOX

BOFC the acronym of Bulk Object Field Creator, a native salesforce lightning app designed to perform Bulk CRUD operations in a few clicks. While development many times situation arise of creating multiple new fields of different data types. To perform this task admin, in general, takes a couple of days for creating fields, which is time taking process and more chance of duplicity.

On the other hand, this BOFC app may perform this task of creating 500 different fields in 10-15 min, in a single go which is not even possible for any other app. Bulk Object Field Creator, Salesforce app is not limited to creating process it has 18 more features which reduce the manual effort of users & will increase productivity. This application is based on simple UI & follows a simple process which is extremely self-explanatory and easy to use.

Functions Performed with Bulk Object Field Creator are:

1. Bulk Field/Object Creation, Deletion, Updation

2. Clone Multiple Fields from one to another

3. Export Process Builder in Single or Multiple in XLS

4. Export Field Permissions for Multiple Objects for Multiple Profiles in Few Clicks

5. Manage Workflow Rules for Multiple Objects in Salesforce in Few Clicks

6. Update Field Permission in Bulk using XLS for Multiple Profiles

7. Export Multiple Objects in Single Excel Sheet

8. Find and Delete Custom Fields in Salesforce

9. Clone Multiple Objects within the same Salesforce Org.

Advantages of Bulk Object Field Creator Salesforce App

1. Support Lightning as well as Classic platform: BOFC application is compatible for the lightning platform, user can perform any task (Bulk field/object creation, deletion, updating) in lightning as well as a classic platform.

2. Data Security: Provides 100% data security as no external emails are triggered by BOFC.

3. Bulk run reports: BOFC application allow admins or devs to perform export operations such as export multiple objects/fields, export workflow rules, export field permission for multiple objects.

4. Compare two Salesforce Organizations in few clicks

5. Compatible on all browsers (IE, Mozilla, Chrome). It becomes the most liked app by admin or developers, can Create, Update, Delete, Clone bulk fields/Objects in one time.